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Tell us where signs are needed. Use trail names from the map to specify location, and state what the sign should say. Nineteen letters, including spaces, are the most that can fit on one sign.
Also, if there is a tree down, tell us the location. Maps are in the touring center or here:


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  1. Greetings to all Brave Trail clearers

    Sorry for the late entry. Very busy at Day job and stopped to pick up a pizza on way home. Trail clearing Will take Place this weekend on Sunday, Oct 30th. Meet at 9:00 AM at the Nordic Center Parking Lot. Please dress for the conditions. Soggy ground with probably some snow. Will be chilly.

    Hope to see you then!

  2. Greetings All

    As the weekend approaches, weather again seems unstable. Is right now a toss up between clearing on Saturday VS Sunday.

    Trails covered this weekend are not particularly high up the Mountain (Goat Path, Eagles Nest, Telemark, Bobcat and Lynx), but can be wet especially after the precipitation we have just experienced. Snow with leaves on the trees always means blow downs and over-hangs. Please remember saws and loppers.

    Stay tuned will have final update for the weekend work day posted on the website Friday evening.

    Please remember to dress accordingly…wet ground, damp, cool air, wind, perhaps some showers.

    Hope to see you there! Who knows, we may see some ghosts!


    PS There will also be an opportunity for some trail work on Halloween day if interested please email me at

  3. Sheri Larsen is looking for volunteers to help clear the Catamount Trail between Bolton and Nebraska Notch Road on Sunday, October 30, starting at 9:00 a.m. She needs workers with loppers and hand saws plus someone with a chain saw. If you are able to do trail work that day, please contact Sheri at 802-878-6828

  4. It’s Sunday 7am and it looks like it will clear by noon, so we are still on for trail work today, ready to leave from sports center at NOON.
    Bring over-boots or at least good boots as there will be snow on the ground!
    If a few people bring hammers, I have signs we can put up.

  5. Trail Work has been moved to Sunday, Oct 23rd, 12pm. Be ready to leave from the Sports center at noon. Hopefully the weather will clear by then. If there are any further changes, they will be posed here. So, check back Saturday evening and Sunday morning before you leave for Bolton.

  6. Hi Everyone,

    I (Joanna Cummings) am leading the trail work day at Bolton this Saturday, October 15. Jerry has already sent an email reminder with information about the day, and the addition of the Woodard Trail as an option. Members of Bolton Friends will be at the work day as well.

    I will bring several printed maps to hand out, and want to remind you about a few things:

    The weather is looking good for Saturday with no rain, but it will be cold in the morning so dress for the chill and possibly damp feet, and for warmer weather as the day progresses.

    Ticks are out when the temps are above freezing, so give your pant legs a spray with Deet. I will bring a can of Off with me too.

    Tools to bring will include loppers that can handle a thick sapling branch, pruners, and hand saws. Anyone using a chain saw has to be trained for it, so if you haven’t had the training talk with Jerry or Ann about it.

    Bring enough water to carry you through a five to six hour work day, a lunch and a snack if needed.

    I will have a first aid kit with me but if you want to bring your own that is fine.

    Email me if you have any questions:

    Thanks! Joanna

    From Jerry:

    Last Saturday we canceled clearing the Woodard Mountain Trail due to threatening weather. We will clear the Woodard this Saturday. Everyone will meet at the sports center, ready to leave at 9am. The Woodward group will hike up the downhill ski area to approach the trail. Workers can go out and back or some will clear all the way through to the Little River end. We need one more volunteer with 4 wheel drive vehicle to help set a shuttle at the Little River end. Please call Cilla Kimberly (879-6153) to volunteer for the shuttle.

  7. Although there are likely to be showers this Saturday towards the end of the day, especially after 2pm, meet at the parking area for the Nordic/Sports Center ready to clear trails at 9am. Woodard Mountain trail work will be postponed to the following week. In addition to the groups doing the traditional clearing as indicated on the web site, we need volunteers to do ditching along Gardiner’s Lane and part of Birch loop. If you want to help do this trail erosion control work, bring shovels, Maddox or pick ax. Tuck in a rain jacket in case it’s really needed before we finish along with the usual trail clearing tools: loppers, hand saws (no chain saws), clippers, work gloves, lunch. Temperatures expected to be in the 50’s with tree colors providing a treat. Thanks!” P.S. Jerry has also sent everyone a confirming email about plans.

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