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5 thoughts on “Post & read current conditions

  1. Great coverage all around, did Ravens wind/Birch/Gardiners on Saturday the 12th. The skiing should only get better (is that possible right now?) with new snow coming in this weekend!

  2. 12/22. Drizzle this AM turned to very fine grain snow. It snowed lightly with a lot of blowing wind all day. The base did suffer from rain earlier this week, but it is solid. Of coarse there are bare spots and wet. There is an actual stream running across Bryant just above Cup Runneth over, that you need to go off the side into the woods to navigate. Bryant above World Cup is delightful to ski. There is just a few inches atop the base (your skis do not penetrate through crust) and the fine consistency of the snow makes it easy for skis to slide across and to make nice turns. Don’t think I would do much in terms of steep glade skiing but if you just want to get out and hack around, it is fun. Took a bunch of branches off top portion of cup runneth over and it was sweet.
    It was still lightly snowing when I left, so maybe a bit more accumulation.

    Please in your ski travels try to pull out a branch or 2 that may be obstructing a trail. We have been working diligently, but there is still a lot of debris on trails from the recent storms. Thanks! ❄️⛄️⛷

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