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3 thoughts on “Post & read current conditions

  1. I am new here. Just “joined”, here on-line, yesterday. And while I know that the season is soon to come to a close I am wondering if/how/how often you guys put together planned treks? Is it just simply small groups of 3 or 5 folks call/e-mail each other and set something up? Or, is it ever more “organized” than that? I am actually a HUGE fan of small, un-“planned” trips, but having never skied the Bolton backcountry yet, I have no idea on where to start…

    Again, the end of the season is fast approaching, but I am 100% open to any Trail maintenance, etc. you guys might have planned. I’d use it as a chance to meet some of you and to get a little off-season feel for the terrain.

    Just thinkin’ out loud, and can’t wait for next Winter already!!!


  2. Sunday February 26 – Skinning up bottom of Cotton Brook. Still a 3 foot base which only proves, “you don’t know if you don’t go!”

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