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2 thoughts on “Post & read current conditions

  1. Jan19 ski around
    Temps in 20’s, pleasant, no wind
    Mostly skied various glades and found no crust and fun edgable base with s few in of fluff on top. There is not a huge base and there were lumps, bumps, depressions and many washed out areas – so you had to ski with vigilance. Some branches down that are frozen into the surface- so couldn’t remove. The rain did damage on most trails. For example- coyote is washed out way more than usual.
    We need snow to fill it all on again.!
    Be careful and have a fun ski

  2. 12-14″ at cabin. Birch loop and Gardiner’s skied beautifully. The bridges and pucheons BoltonFriends built this fall ski beautifully. They fit the trail so naturally that I had to go back to confirm I’d gone over the 19 foot bridge! Lots of people have skied the glades between Gardiner’s and Bryant. The rebuilding of Bryant has paid off. No wet spots and the rocks they put into the water bars are well covered.

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