Georeferenced Bolton Map

Update February 20, 2017:

If you want to view the Bolton Valley Trail map on your phone, you can simply download this map by right clicking, saving, and then loading it as a picture on your phone.


If you want to put the Bolton Valley Trail map on your phone or GPS, and also show your location on that map, read more here.  You will need a “georeferenced” map, formatted specifically for your phone or GPS.  The GPS and your phone, with the proper mapping app, can then show your location on this map.


Each device and each mapping app seems to require its own unique formatting.  I use the Locus Map Pro app for my android device. Many iPhone users seem happy with the Gaia GPS Mapping app.


I now can provide you a file of the Bolton Trail maps formatted for a Garmin GPS, or an android phone that uses the Locus Map Pro app or an iPhone using the Gaia GPS Mapping app. You need to tell me which device you will be using (and which app). You can then load this “georeferenced” map into your mapping app.


Garmin GPS models, which accept custom maps, such as the Colorado, Oregon, Montana, Dakota, 62 or 78 series GPSMap, use a kmz file of the Bolton Valley Trail map.


For an android phone, I have the Bolton Valley Trail map in a sqlitedb file.  Locus Map Pro app is on my Android device and this sqlitedb file is formatted for that app.


I now have a tilejson file which can be loaded via iTunes into the Gaia GPS app on an iPhone.


I also believe I can create a file for use in the Gaia GPS app on an android device, but this has not yet been tested yet. (Gaia GPS has different formatting apps for the iPhone and Android versions of their app.)


If you have a different device / app combination I can see what I can do.


If any of this interests you, contact me via the Contact form.


Jerry Lasky, Feb 20th, 2017


BTW — Locus Map Pro is a remarkably full featured mapping app. If you have an Android device, it’s worth a look at the user manual:


Locus Map pro has maps for every country in the world that are downloadable for off-line use. It also has routing optimized for bike, hike or car (this requires Brouter, a free app linked to by Locus).