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Post your comments here for others to see. Any comments, such as how BoltonFriends can improve, what you would like it to be.

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  1. In the days prior to ‘Black Friday’, conditions were powdery with an aspect and overstory-dependent thin crust above ~10″ of settled powder. That was improved by Thanksgiving Day’s AM snow, ~2″. The BC coverage was surprisingly good; turns in Trapp glades, Randy’s & Not a Trail were nice. The sound of slicing through the crust was more unsettling than actually skiing through it. Turnpike had seen plenty of skier traffic and was almost entirely loose packed powder – perfect early season hero snow!

    By Friday things had warmed up, settled more and gotten heavier. Still good skiing most places, though more stumps, rocks & wet spots poking through. Work continues on Bryant Camp and the humongous privy/deck structure. Quote of the day, from Mr. Costas of BV Mtn Ops, regarding eastern skiers – “Never underestimate a Vermonter”

  2. John Hamerslough October 30th
    3-4 inches of snow up there on Goat Path and brooks running fast.
    A great work party got it all done on Sunday clearing Goat Path and upper and lower Telemark as well as Fox Hollow and Eagles nest. Glad I could join the group.

    I talked to Ann about this but will mention it anyway.
    I would like to see a sign at the jct of Telemark at the bottom of the shute where you can go left toward Fox Hollow instead of going down another hill of Telemark toward Maple Loop and back tracking up the hill into the lower access of Fox Hollow.
    Why go down hill to go up again when you have a nice down hill access.

    John Hamerslough

  3. Many thanks and much appreciation to all the Bolton Friends (Old Goats & Young Goats) for your magnificent work this fall! Caregiving keeps me from joining you, but I do hope to see your improvements in action this winter.

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